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Apartment Renting


The rental system of numerous conventional property companies may not be foreigner friendly.

Apartments are often rented for at least 2 yrs, which conflicts with the truth that many people from other countries remain in Japan for under 2 yrs.

In addition, most landlords are naturally unwilling to rent their apartments to people from other countries who aren’t able to communicate in Japanese. A number of them may even categorically refuse their plan to temporary residents from anxiety about frictions.

Many agents also need you to give them details about your financial background to possess a guarantor co-sign the rental contract as the second security measure. Certain conditions apply as who may serve as your guarantor. It has to usually be considered a Japanese national having a stable financial background.

Away from last, entering accommodations hire a standard realty company is extremely costly. Numerous refundable and non refundable charges need to be compensated, frequently totaling three to 10 months’ rent, based on the organization and apartment:

Reservation fee

The tetsukekin is compensated whenever you make an application for a condo, and prior to the actual rental contract is signed. It works as a guarantee for you personally the apartment isn’t provided to someone else, but for the agent that you don’t convince you. It’s refunded following the actual contract is signed and it is usually equal to about one month’s rent.


The deposit can be used to pay for eventual future harm to the apartment. The deposit without the cost for repairs is refunded whenever you re-locate. The deposit is generally equal to several months’ rent.

Key money

This can be a non refundable payment towards the landlord in the quantity of as much as several months’ rent.

Service charge

This can be a non refundable payment to real estate agent in the quantity of for the most part one month’s rent.

Generally, apartments come unfurnished, utilities aren’t incorporated within the rent, and pets aren’t permitted. Please on Japanese apartments and furniture.

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