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Timber and Forestry Investing – Money Can Actually Grow on Trees


Forestry and timber investing – the concept appears either dull or very alien to many people. In the end, its’ a lot more satisfying to follow along with all of those other herd and chase the most recent hot social media stock. However any investors – especially individuals searching for true diversification and stable returns – are earning a genuine oversight by ignoring the worth timber investments could provide their overall portfolio. Noted stock exchange skeptic Jeremy Grantham of GMO Asset Management has lengthy been keen on timber investments (although being quite pessimistic concerning the lengthy-term returns available from global equities in their current valuations), so when Mr. Grantham comes with an investing opinion it’s really worth hearing.

There are a variety of things which make timber and forestry investments attractive:

1) First, like a “hard asset,” timber investments are a great hedge against inflation.

2) The returns on timber investing happen to be quite impressive. Based on the National Council of Property Fiduciaries within the U . s . States (NCREIF), timber returns since 1987 through 2010 have averaged 155 annually, although the primary US stock index the S&P 500 went up only 9.1% yearly. In addition, typically the cost of harvested timber itself went up 5% each year during the last a century.

3) Timber investments also perform very well when stocks have been in a Bear Market. For instance, in 2008 when stock indexes lost around 40 – 50%, the NCREIF’s primary timber index really increased 9.5%. As the second example, throughout the Great Depression when stocks fell between 70 – 90%, the primary US timber index increased 233%.

For individuals which may be thinking about timber investing, you will find really two primary options. The very first is to gain access to the asset class by purchasing timber or timber related stocks. For instance, the united states company Weyerhaeuser (New york stock exchange: WY) is really a #13 billion company that sells a variety of paper products to customers globally. Another alternative is to purchase a gift basket of stocks with an Exchange Traded Fund for example Claymore Beacon Global Timber Index Fund (New york stock exchange: CUT).

Although options like Weyerhaeuser and CUT take part in the timber and forestry business, in the finish during the day, they’re still stock market investments and therefore will fluctuate broadly and then leave the investor uncovered towards the efficiency of worldwide stock markets.

One option most individual investors have a tendency to overlook is direct purchase of timber by which one really owns a plot of forestry directly. In lots of ways, an immediate forestry investment is much more secure, stable and tangible then putting money into stocks. Direct timber investments still take advantage of the overall benefits of timber investing discussed above, and still provide much greater stability then timber and forestry stocks which could fluctuate extremely.

Although the cost of timber and forestry products can differ, the most crucial variable inside a forestry investment may be the development of the trees themselves. Trees and forests don’t particularly care exactly what the latest figures are suitable for the Footsie or even the Dow jones Johnson stock indexes, and when the cost of timber is not enought forestry investors can easily permit their trees to carry on growing before the cost reaches a acceptable level. This could assure individual investors a particular reassurance that stocks cannot provide.

There’s two fundamental kinds of direct timber investments available. The very first – and much more traditional choice is to purchase pine forests, that has in the past been done in america. However, pine is really a softwood, and investment returns can be created by purchasing hardwood trees.

Just like farmland investing, you will find an growing quantity of forestry and timber investments which are readily available by individual investors. We view numerous hardwood timber projects in tropical countries for example Panama And Nicaragua , and Sri Lanka that are offered to the people. If you don’t want to defend myself against the political risk that include owning assets in developing countries, there’s additionally a rather unique hardwood timber investment obtainable in Germany too.

Obviously, no investment is full-proof and forestry should just be a small sector of the broad portfolio, however if you simply are searching for stability, diversification and returns that aren’t correlated with stocks, timber investments are must-see.

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